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Before and After Pictures from Worcester County
Structural Supports in Hopedale, MA Unique Basment

Structural Supports in Hopedale, MA Unique Basment

Before After
Structural Supports in Hopedale, MA Unique Basment Structural Supports in Hopedale, MA Unique Basment

Paul R. called us with some structural and support complaints in his small home in Hopedale. His basement is divided by a 3-foot-tall wall into two sections: one is poured concrete flooring, and the other is a 5-foot-tall dirt crawlspace. There were lally columns put in over 40 years ago to support the old wooden beams holding up the rest of the house. But the first floor had become uneven and had some bounce to it, meaning that the lally columns were allowing too much movement for the support beams. Kenny and his crew went and installed SmartJack supports next to the old ones to raise the beams back up and even out the flooring upstairs. In the pictures, the brighter, thicker supports are the ones we installed.

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Foundation Supporworks by Leader is your trusted, Worcester expert for foundation repair & concrete lifting and we are waiting for your phone call right now. But why should you call us? Two reasons: permanent, reliable solutions and real customer focus. 

Certified Foundation Repair Contractor

We are certified members of the Foundation Supportworks Network which provides us access to award-winning training & products. Our friendly technicians know exactly how to solve the problem that you are facing whether it be a sagging floor over your crawl space or a cracked and sinking driveway. We offer permanent solutions to foundation problems using higher quality products like PolyLEVEL designed to be superior to old techniques like mudjacking.

We Provide Solutions for:
  • Wall Cracks
  • Bowing Walls
  • Floor Cracks
  • Uneven Floors
  • Sagging Crawlspace Floors       

  • Sunken Settlement
  • Cracked Driveways
  • Sunken Sidewalks
  • Street Creep
  • Tilting Chimneys

Real Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Being able to fix the foundation problem on your Worcester home does not separate us from other foundation contractors but what does separate us is our focus on making you happy with both our work process and end result. We show up on time, explain the work in detail and provide what was promised. Being true to our word is what really distinguishes us from the often untrustworthy world of contractors. Call us so you can understand what we are talking about. Let's get started today.

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Case Studies From Worcester County
A perspective buyer was concerned about a cinder block wall that was bowing inward and had diagonal visible cracks in the wall.
Job Stories From Worcester County, MA
PolyLEVEL Has Come To Massachusetts

Submitted by Timothy High

Our first job was scheduled for a customer in Hopkinton.  This gentleman had been trying to sell his home and had generated a good deal of interest.  However, at the end of every promising tour of the house loomed a lingering problem: the garage.  The poured concrete floor, once a polished tabula rasa, now had spidering cracks running across it, and in spots had sunk a full 6 inches!  Tour after tour, the prospective buyers would shy away from the daunting idea of ripping and replacing the floor of the garage.  That’s when this gentleman decided to call PolyLEVEL by Leader. 

Before any PolyLEVEL was installed, a Foundation Supportworks by Leader crew installed Geo-Lock wall anchors to secure the foundation walls that were buckling on the backside of the house.  Strategic cuts were left in the freshly poured concrete to enable the back to be lifted.

The aim of the PolyLEVEL crew was to stabilize and lift a large piece of the slab that had done the most settling in the back corner.  Once they got there they also decided to stabilize and lift a neighboring piece in the opposite corner.  Holes 5/8” wide, smaller than a penny, were strategically drilled through both pieces of the slab.  Ports were installed in the holes, acting as a bridge between the gun and the slab.  All while the prep work was being done, the rig had been running, slowly getting the two parts of the foam up to the desired temperature.  Once the prep work was done, it was time to lift. 

The first injection went into the back corner, to get support underneath the weakest point. The crew worked their way from port to port, using short, intermittent bursts to keep the foam underneath the slab in a controlled area. The crewmen kept their heads on a swivel looking for stray off-gassing, listening for a faint gurgling, to tell them the foam was doing its job.

While the slab had come up slightly, it seemed to be bound on something, perhaps a stray rock or piece of rebar.  Not wanting to crack the slab further, the crew prepared to stop the procedure soon if it didn’t move, as at least the soil underneath was now compacted, and the slab was stabilized. 

Suddenly a gurgle bubbled from underneath.  Whatever held the slab down gave way, and the slab quickly jerked upwards. The crew, dismayed at first, continued to lift until it bound up again, just and inch and a half from level. 

A workbench rested against the back wall of the garage, right where the lift had taken place.  Clearly the builder had compensated for the drop in the floor, because with the floor restored to almost its original height, the table looked warped and twisted.  One of the crewmen grabbed a Sawz-All and trimmed the legs, so that it once again sat flat. 

When they looked at the clock afterwards, the crew realized that the entire process had taken only three hours, and a short time after had filled the small holes with hydraulic cement.   The foam by this time was fully cured and ready to drive on, just a half hour after lifting.  

PolyLEVEL Has Come To Massachusetts - Photo 1PolyLEVEL Has Come To Massachusetts - Photo 2PolyLEVEL Has Come To Massachusetts - Photo 3PolyLEVEL Has Come To Massachusetts - Photo 4PolyLEVEL Has Come To Massachusetts - Photo 5
Foundation Crack Repair in Gardner, MA

The crew went out to Gardner, MA, to repair a crack in the foundation of this house. The first two pictures show the crack before the crew worked on it, and the white residue on the wall is the minerals left behind by the water when it seeped through the crack into the basement. First, the crew put hydraulic cement on the crack. This was necessary because the carbon armor strips shown in the last two pictures need to have contact with cement in order to stick to the wall and hold it together.

Foundation Crack Repair in Gardner, MA - Photo 1Foundation Crack Repair in Gardner, MA - Photo 2Foundation Crack Repair in Gardner, MA - Photo 3Foundation Crack Repair in Gardner, MA - Photo 4
Bowing Rock Wall and Basement Waterproofing in Worcester, MA

The crew went out to Worcester to do a big job that elements of both basement waterproofing and foundation repair. For the waterproofing, them installed a Super Sump, WaterGuard around the perimeter, and CleanSpace to keep moisture from seeping in through the walls. The last picture shows the minimal impact of the discharge line. For the bowing wall, the crew put in PowerBraces to stabilize and secure the walls.

Bowing Rock Wall and Basement Waterproofing in Worcester, MA - Photo 1Bowing Rock Wall and Basement Waterproofing in Worcester, MA - Photo 2Bowing Rock Wall and Basement Waterproofing in Worcester, MA - Photo 3Bowing Rock Wall and Basement Waterproofing in Worcester, MA - Photo 4Bowing Rock Wall and Basement Waterproofing in Worcester, MA - Photo 5Bowing Rock Wall and Basement Waterproofing in Worcester, MA - Photo 6Bowing Rock Wall and Basement Waterproofing in Worcester, MA - Photo 7Bowing Rock Wall and Basement Waterproofing in Worcester, MA - Photo 8Bowing Rock Wall and Basement Waterproofing in Worcester, MA - Photo 9
Repairing a settling patio area with Poly-Level in Worcester!

A 16-foot by 22-foot patio area has sunken around 3 inches, and the customer has expressed the desire to have this repaired. There was some settling at the relief cut area, but no cracking.

The team utilized the poly-level mixture to lift and level the concrete patio area and return it to its normal height.

Repairing a settling patio area with Poly-Level in Worcester! - Photo 1Repairing a settling patio area with Poly-Level in Worcester! - Photo 2Repairing a settling patio area with Poly-Level in Worcester! - Photo 3Repairing a settling patio area with Poly-Level in Worcester! - Photo 4Repairing a settling patio area with Poly-Level in Worcester! - Photo 5
Work Requests From Worcester County, MA
Vicinity of Dolge Ct in Worcester
We have 1/8" wide vertical cracks showing on the foundation in the front and rear. There also appears to be more settling. The house is about 30 years old.
Vicinity of Mill Street in Worcester
House built in 1937. Fieldstone foundation. Water seeps in during heavy rains. Have tried a few repairs with hydraulic cement. Interested in options and price please. thank you.
Vicinity of Orlando Avenue in Worcester
Water seeping into basement.
Vicinity of Bay State Rd in Worcester
Water seepage in basement. Need repair quickly.
Vicinity of Courtland St in Worcester
Looking for quotes to install an egress system in a finished basement.
Vicinity of Granite St in Worcester
Hi, I live in a triple decker (circa 1928) that was broken up into 3 condo units about 10 years ago. We are having a problem with water in the basement of the building. The basement is stone and concrete. There are quite a few cracks, etc, and we are currently getting companies to come out and look at it, make some recommendations, and give us an estimate for repair. Thanks very much, Cathy
Vicinity of Bainridge Rd in Worcester
Not sure where the water is coming in from. We have water in the basement
Vicinity of Tennyson St in Worcester
Basement gets very wet during spring thaw and heavy rain. At it's worst, a couple inches of standing water.
Vicinity of Fielding in Worcester
My basement is getting a lot of moistures and I am looking for a proper drainage system that would remove the water or keep it out.
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